Marketing - means the concept of managing production and sales activities of the company, focused on study of the market and specific needs of consumers.
Marketing is also a social process through which companies and individuals exchange created value to meet their needs. In other words, companies create value for customers (in the form of product or service) and develop a cooperative relationship with them in order to obtain value return.
Marketing objectives:
1. Formation and stimulation of demand.
2) Providing the legitimacy of management decisions and work plans of the company.
3. Expansion of sales volume, market share, and profit.

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Marketing strategy

Social media optimisation

Concept development

Content marketing

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy allows to systematize all sales efforts (marketing, advertising, sales) and make them as effective as possible. Decem Studio is ready to help to develop the marketing strategy for your busness taking into account the goals and individual market characteristics. Based on the conducted market research, the marketing strategy also involves analysis of consumers and competitors, which forms the internal indicators of the company.

Points of business evaluation

Growth of advertising and marketing efficiency (more incoming requests).
Growth of sales efficiency (increase in conversion at all stages of sales).
Transparent and simple system for evaluating marketing activities.
Understanding of your market segment, clients, decision making principles.
Growth of competitiveness in the market.
A clear plan of marketing actions.

Social media optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media channels and communities to generate viral publicity.

Features of SMO as a promotion type:

SMO will certainly enhance the visibility of your profile on social networking sites. You want that to happen. This is a great way to create a network and meet potential customers without spending a lot of money and effort.

The concept of social media optimization is related to SMM. Both sets of tools are designed to interact with the audience on social networks. They are distinguished by the platform on which the main work takes place: SMO-optimizer is engaged in setting up the resource infrastructure and content.

Working with content

Providing information in readable form is a crucial condition for social promotion. For text, the right font, colour and size must be selected. It needs to be equipped with a competent structure – the modern user is not susceptible to reading “sheets”: he runs his eyes through subtitles and lists to get an impression of the text, and reads only fragments of the texts he is interested in.

Why is Social Media Optimization Important? With SMO, you can ensure a strong web presence for the business and establish the internet authority of the brand. It not only introduces people to the business but also helps in branding, improving brand visibility and recall.

Design concept development

The concept of a design project is in most cases developed in the interests of all advertising promotion. Without a clear product promotion scheme, the design concept will not work effectively. In the eyes of the consumer, two identical products from different manufacturers differ in design, quality and price – this is the competition for the buyer in the literal sense, when the choice of a particular product is left to the consumer. An additional significant factor is formed by an advertising campaign in the media and the Internet, promotional advertising publishing, which together give the final result – the trust of the buyer and as a consequence – high sales.
The whole essence of design activity consists of a complex of knowledges and skills that have been transformed into a design methods. In the area of business the most important task is effective methods of planning and coherence in the development of a design concept.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique based on creating content that is useful to the consumer in order to attract potential customers. The main purpose of using content marketing is to attract new customers, retain existing ones, optimize and promote your website. It aims to create exactly the kind of content that potential buyers/customers are looking for in search engines.
Content marketing gives us a really wide range of possibilities in terms of what we can create and share with our customers. Instead of pushing your product to the market, we request information about your product and your company. From time to time, new distribution channels are created (new social platforms, new features in popular applications, etc.), and along with them other options for how we present our message. More and more companies use content marketing in their digital strategies.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are particularly powerful communication tools.

They allow businesses to engage with their customers from anywhere, while at the same time giving companies greater visibility to their brand and enabling them to make their customer base more fluid. With the right approach, Social Media Marketing can also improve other media marketing-related methods, such as SEO solutions from SEA.
This can generate natural relationships and increase additional web traffic to the site, enhance brand recognition, improve identity and build trust in the products and services of the company’s brand.

If your business is struggling with Social Media Strategy, Social Media Advertising Management on social networks, Decem Studio can certainly help you.

Social Media Marketing is a way to communicate with your target audience by creating your informational marketing brand, increasing sales and website traffic. It involves first-class content on your social networks, listening to the consumers needs and engaging your subscribers, evaluating your effectiveness, launching social media advertising and more.
Continuous creation of good, valuable content is one of the biggest challenges for business today and it is important to attract visitors and existing customers.

We accept this challenge and regularly provide qualitative content for your business. Our team creates blog posts, engaging Facebook posts, e-books, articles offering your website an ever-growing search volume and potential lead generation.

Our Goals

Focus on digital strategy

We work with the digital marketing team and strive to expand business opportunities in various sectors of industry. A successful digital strategy development process begins with you in meeting with your team to understand the requirements and goals that will ensure the highest level of growth.

Digital Marketing

Decem Studio applies a number of online marketing campaigns to help our customers get more traffic, potential consumers and sales. Whether it’s individual website design, SEO audit and strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, etc., we can help you achieve your goals.

Interaction with clients

Enhance the communication with your customers, business partners and employees to ensure better results. Our process begins with conducting research and user studies for the benefit of your business, creating a personalized experience and accelerating the process of improving customer service.

We are ready to help you achieve your business goals without spending too much money on advertising!

Market research
Through in-depth study of your market environment and business objectives, we will be able to create a targeted strategy.

Strategic plan
With the help of our marketing specialists you get a strategic digital plan for your product, services, brand, timing and budget.

Create a customer experience
We provide assistance in digitizing customer experience including advertising, branding, social activities, direct mail, etc.

Technology Consulting
We help companies find the right marketing tools, platforms and web frameworks to meet their expectations and contribute to rapid business growth.

Project Delivery
Our digital strategists have experience of successfully implementing projects of any size and complexity, on time and within budget.

Review and report
We review the results of the strategic plan and report on overall progress, as well as seek better opportunities for improvement.

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