We are a young creative community located in Belgium, Antwerp. By striving for good design and clear communication, we help to create crisp visual content for your business. We have the opportunity to bring together professionals in one place to collaborate at different levels and find the best solutions for our clients. We carefully assist you in the process of developing a unique visual strategy to improve your business.

1. We strive to create a community of professionals committed to their passion.
2. We search for the best combination of professionals for specific needs that will help improve the business.
3. Our objective to help businesses not get lost in the extensive market offerings and find a professional who will effectively help in finding the solution.
4. We aim to expand our database of high-quality professionals to include more areas in which they will be beneficial.

We aspire to change the workflow as we believe in the most proactive work hours and mobile work environment .Flexible schedule also encourages careful planning of the day as well as commitment to intensive work. The most comfortable workspace is not always in a suit pack and freelancers have a variety of choices where they will be very comfortable to work. Efficient work according to the researchers is 4 hours per day, so freelancers choose the time during the day to work on the project and hold personal meetings with clients. One of the important things in which we are very strict is planning and deadlines as well as the level of customer satisfaction. There we carry out major monitoring and evaluation.

We are a passionate and results driven team

We are a group of people who found a good match in co-working.

Everyone in our team has found the most interesting area of knowledge that suits their personality and has grown into a real work force. Together we enthusiastically work on each project, creating great capacity for diverse needs.
We can cover many tasks and be a proactive force for your company. We help small businesses grow and stay one step ahead of the competition on the market.

We love our job!

Team members

We will be happy to expand our team with new professionals, please feel free to contact us for any collaborative ideas.

Kris Auspecs

Digital / Web designer

SiHui Liu

Web Designer