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Modern visual identification is an indispensable feature of any serious brand. It's about identity and being visible on the market, having a marketing strategy and being socially active on the media, involving customers in the interaction and having a strong marketing image. We are happy to help you with the graphic design, branding, video and advertising. We offer many services and you can discover how straightforward it can be. Step by step we give you advice and implement according to your demands.
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Graphic Design

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Social Media & Advertising graphic design

Graphic design

Solid or elegant, but always technically excellent. Everybody has their taste, and we like to listen to it. We like to work on your ideas. Or maybe you’re the one we get carte blanche from.

Style and preferences are diverse, but everyone needs a technically durable design. The design of Decem Studio is developed so that we can apply your files not only to the web but also to any printing. In this way, we often save our customers (a lot of) money afterward.

It’s getting more and more important… video! Gradually, the digital market is developing towards video. Moving images are increasingly appreciated and better valued on social networks and on the Internet. After all, your potential customers are more passionate about movement than a still image.

From digital signage to company videos – depending on your needs, we’ll make videos with real images or animation. If necessary, we will find for collaboration people who will come to you for shooting.

Advertisements / Animated logos / Trailers / Presentations / Promotional videos / Tutorial videos / Websites / Apps / Video games / Banners / GIFs

Video & Animation

Print Producton

Our studio is also specialised in printed media.
We create different print products for all types and needs.
We prepare files for printing and follow up the order until it is delivered to your door.
We focus on publishing, working with editors and publishers to create layouts with carefully selected typography and accompanied by artwork including photos, graphics and illustrations.
Publishing designs is a classic form of designing books, newspapers, magazines and catalogues. Recently, however, there has been significant growth in the digital publishing sector.

Books / Newspapers / Newsletters / Directories / Magazines/ Catalogs / Posters, banners and billboards / Postcards and flyers / Brochures

Social Media & Advertising graphic design
It is essential to be visible on the Internet and also to stand out from the crowd. We offer advertising that will be catchy and also fully adapted to your business philosophy. We help you with the visual creation and also provide the copywriter that delivers crisp facebook / twitter / blog posts. In this way you will be supported during the week/month/year with a dose of vital social media advertising kit. We offer our service in creating companies as online and offline.

Postcards and flyers /Magazine and newspaper ads /Posters, banners and billboards / Infographics / Brochures print and digital / Signage and trade show displays / Email marketing templates / Menus/ Social media advertising, banners and graphics/ Banner and retargeting ads / Images for websites and blogs

Social Media & Advertising graphic design

Our asset

Our approach focuses on customers and the future. Here we also continuously analyze, improve and make changes. Decem Studio is always based on cooperation, because mutual understanding creates sustainable frameworks. A vision and a clear picture help us to work together, to target and develop your business and brand.

Perfect Design

We turn your company's story into a visual representation.

Personal approach

We are sufficiently focused on your target audience.

Adding value

We polish the ideas until they are generating profitable value for your business

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